Why my ficus bonsai lost all leaves

Once you bring a ficus bonsai plant at home, you cannot stop yourself from loving them more and more because they are just so cute. You want to take good care of them and keep them healthy.

However, it truly hurts a lot when your ficus bonsai plant starts losing its leaves and you can’t do anything to help it.

Have your ficus bonsai lost all leaves? If yes, then how can you revive your ficus bonsai plant? Will the ficus bonsai leaves grow back or not?

You surely want answers to all these questions, and we are here to clear all the questions in your mind in this article.

Reasons why ficus bonsai drops its leaves

If your ficus bonsai plant has dropped its leaves, then you must be thinking that why did it do so? What was the reason and what went wrong? So that you can avoid it in the future.

Ficus Bonsai Care and Pruning

Here are all the reasons why ficus bonsai drops its leaves:

1. Incorrect watering

The way you water your bonsai plant has a strong impact on its health.

Both overwatering and underwatering can be dangerous for your bonsai plant and lead to loss of leaves.

If the ficus bonsai plant will get less or more water than its needs then it will start losing leaves.

Therefore, the key is to properly water your ficus bonsai plant.

You should water your plant when the top surface of the soil appears dry. You also need to ensure that the plant has proper drainage as it’s necessary for the plant to get enough water.

2. Insufficient light

Light is very important for the health, survival, and growth of all plants including ficus bonsai.

The plants absorb light and use it to prepare their food (photosynthesis) which helps them survive and grow.

If you have placed your ficus bonsai plant somewhere where it can’t get enough light then it is the reason why your ficus bonsai is losing all leaves.

When the plants don’t get light, it means that they don’t get food. When the plants don’t have any food then their leaves start falling.

It’s so simple to understand that no living thing can survive without food. If you will not give enough food to the ficus bonsai plants (which is light and water) then their leaves will surely start falling.

Therefore, we recommend you should place your ficus bonsai somewhere where it can get proper light.

3. Unstable environment

The third reason why your ficus bonsai lost all leaves could be due to an unstable environment.

Ficus bonsai plants need a stable and uniform environment. You have probably seen that when the seasons change, ficus bonsai plants also lose their leaves because the environment has changed.

Therefore, you should keep your ficus bonsai plant somewhere where the environment is uniform, stable, and doesn’t change frequently. For example, avoid placing the plant near air conditioners or heaters because they rapidly change the environment.

You can also use humidifiers or dehumidifiers to maintain a stable environment with changing seasons. It will help your ficus bonsai plant to stay safe and healthy.

4. Pests, insects, and diseases

Just like every other plant, ficus bonsai are also vulnerable to attack by different dangerous pests and insects.

There are a few different types of pests and insects that can either eat away the leaves of your bonsai plant or cause them to fall off.

If your ficus bonsai plant is infested by harmful pests and insects then you should get rid of them and make your plant healthy again.

Certain diseases can also cause your ficus bonsai plant to lose its leaves.

5. Incorrect use of fertilizer

We all know that fertilizers are beneficial for plants as they improve their health and growth.

However, you just cannot randomly take any quantity of any fertilizer and give it to your plant.

Different plants require different kinds of fertilizers in different quantities. Only then you can get the results you want.

If you will use the fertilizers in the wrong way then your ficus bonsai plant will get damaged. Its leaves may turn yellow and they will eventually fall off.

Therefore, you are recommended to use a balanced amount of the right fertilizer for your ficus bonsai plant.

6. Repotting of plant

If you have recently repotted your ficus bonsai plant then it could also be the reason behind leave loss.

Too frequent repotting can also cause the bonsai ficus to lose its leaves.

Will bonsai ficus leaves grow back

Are you thinking about whether if your bonsai ficus plant will regrow its lost leaves or not?

Well, it depends upon the condition of your ficus bonsai plant and the damage it has suffered from.

If your plant is still alive then treating it with proper care will help the leaves to grow back.

If your plant has died or suffered serious damage then the chances of leaves growing back would be significantly less.

Will overwatered ficus bonsai grow its leaves again

If your ficus bonsai plant has dropped its leaves due to overwatering then you can fix that by watering it less frequently.

You can also put it in a powerful and healthy soil so that it gets enough nutrition and regrow its leaves.

Will underwatered ficus bonsai grow its leaves again

If your ficus bonsai plant has dropped its leaves due to underwatering then it may or may not grow its leaves again.

If the roots of the plant have dried off and died then it will never regrow its leaves no matter how much you water it. The plant will not be able to absorb any water and eventually die.

If the roots are still alive then you can try watering regularly and the leaves will grow back if there is any chance.

How to fix the loss of leaves in the ficus bonsai

How to save a dying ficus bonsai | The Bonsai Supply

Have your ficus bonsai lost all of its leaves and you don’t know how to fix it?

Here are some tips that will help you:

  1. Correct watering – only water the plant when the upper soil appears dry.
  2. Sufficient light – make sure you place your plant where it gets sufficient light.
  3. Healthy soil – make sure your ficus bonsai have healthy soil.
  4. Correct fertilization – don’t forget to fertilize your ficus bonsai plant in a balanced way.
  5. Pest and disease control – you need to ensure that your plant stays safe from any harmful pests, insects, and diseases.
  6. Proper drainage – your plant must have proper drainage so that the roots get enough water.


We have dropped all the possible reasons why your ficus bonsai lost all the leaves.

Read them all in detail and then take your time to figure out if your ficus bonsai lost its leaves due to any of these reasons and avoid repeating it in the future.

Make sure to follow our instructions and save your ficus bonsai plant from losing leaves anymore.

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