Is neem oil safe for bonsai

Bonsai trees are so much adorable. Whenever you see bonsai plants, you fall in love with them instantly. You want to take them home and take good care of them.

Do you have a bonsai plant at home and want to know whether if neem oil is safe for them or not? Can you use neem oil on bonsai plants? What are the advantages and drawbacks of using neem oil on bonsai plants?

This article will answer all your questions regarding the use of neem oil on bonsai plants. Let’s gear up and start exploring.

Is neem oil good for bonsai plants

Yes, using the right amount of neem oil is completely safe and perfect for bonsai plants.

Neem oil is a natural and ideal solution for treating those bonsai plants that have been affected by different pests and insects.

Just like any other kind of plant, the bonsai plants are also vulnerable to attack by different pests and insects. They can attack your bonsai plant and inflict serious damage to it in so many ways.

If you’ll not take any action to get rid of these attacking pests and insects, then your bonsai plant will start dying. So, you will lose all the hard work and effort you had done for the plant.

Why neem oil is good for bonsai plants

How Does Neem Oil Work, Insect Examples & Making Your Own Neem Oil Spray: Save Money! - TRG 2014

Now you might be thinking that why you should be using neem oil on your bonsai plant? Why is it better and what are the benefits of using neem oil?

Here are all the reasons that make neem oil a perfect choice for your bonsai plant:

1. Professionals use neem oil on bonsai plants

Neem oil has been used on plants for centuries. That is the reason why experts consider it a very safe and reliable option.

These days, many bonsai plant enthusiasts and professionals use neem oil for the treatment of their bonsai plants affected by pests, insects, and fungal attacks.

Therefore, neem oil is completely trusted and safe for your bonsai plants because even professionals use it as well.

2. Neem oil is a natural and organic choice

These days, there are many artificially manufactured products for pest control. They have certain chemicals and ingredients that can harm your bonsai plant.

That’s why it is better to use something natural and organic.

The best thing about neem oil is that it is completely natural and organic. It means that it will not have any adverse side effects on your bonsai plant.

3. Neem oil is safe for bonsai plants

We all want to keep our bonsai plants safe, right? Well, neem oil is proven to be completely safe for bonsai plants.

It will not damage your bonsai plant in any way.

4. Neem oil is super effective for controlling pests and insects

The good thing about neem oil is that it is a very effective solution for controlling pests and insects attacking bonsai plants.

Neem oil can easily kill a huge variety of pests and insects. It will also stop them from spreading further and thus keep your bonsai plant safe and healthy.

5. Neem oil is non-toxic

We all know that many insecticides and pesticide products are very toxic for humans, animals, and birds. They’re just like poison and can cause serious health damage if misused.

Neem oil is considered better because it is completely non-toxic. It is purely natural, organic, and safe for humans, animals, and birds.

This is the reason why you can fearlessly use neem oil on your bonsai plant.

Where does neem oil come from

After seeing all the amazing benefits of neem oil, you must be wondering that where does this neem oil comes from?

Well, neem oil is obtained from the neem tree (scientific name = Azadirachta indica)

Neem tree produces a special compound called Azadirachtin that protects the tree from harmful insects and pests. This compound influences the digestion, reproduction, and flying abilities of the insects and effectively stops them from spreading and further damaging the plant.

Does neem oil suffocate plants

Yes, applying too much neem oil can burn or suffocate the plants especially if they’re younger.

The best approach is to apply a small quantity of neem oil on an inconspicuous part of the plant as a test case and monitor its results after 24 hours.

If everything went well then you can keep using it.

If any signs of damage appear then you shouldn’t use it anymore.

Can you spray neem oil on the soil of bonsai plants

Yes, you can spray neem oil on the soil of bonsai plants.

The fact is that neem oil is very effective against underground pests and insects. In addition to that, neem oil can also eliminate the harmful underground fungus that can attack your bonsai plant and damage its health.

However, you may keep in mind that using neem oil on the soil will also kill the plant-friendly insects and bugs present in the soil.

How to use neem oil on bonsai plants

Neem oil for plants how to use

Applying neem oil on the bonsai plants is quite an easy job. There’s just a little bit of effort involved.

  1. Take 8 oz of liquid neem oil.
  2. Now dilute it atthe recommended rate of 4 teaspoons per gallon of water.
  3. Put the solution into a spray bottle and apply it over your bonsai plant.
  4. If you don’t want to spray then you can also water the whole solution to your bonsai plant as well.

What is the right time for using neem oil on bonsai plants

If you are using neem oil on your bonsai plant, then you should do it at the right time to keep your plant safe and healthy.

Experts say that you should avoid applying neem oil on bonsai plants when the sun is out. Why?

It’s because the intense sunlight will react with the neem oil present on the plant’s surface and overheat the bonsai plant. This way the plant can get seriously damaged. The right time for using neem oil on bonsai plants is after the sunset. It will prevent overheating of the bonsai plant and keep it safe. Also, the neem oil will be able to do its job effectively.

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