Can a pot be too big for a Bonsai tree? 

Whether you are an adroit Bonsai grower or not, one thing I am confident about is that you already know Bonsai pot is an irreplaceable tool for the tradition. One thing you may not already know as an inexperienced Bonsai keeper is the factors that need to be considered before settling for a particular Bonsai pot: these two factors are the size and style of the Bonsai pot. 

A typical Bonsai pot must be big enough to give the root system breathing space to grow and also how your plant will look in the Bonsai pot of choice.

While the latter condition is uncontroversial, the former stipulation on several occasions has led to people asking, can a pot be too big for a Bonsai tree? This is one of the several questions explained in this article. 

Can a Bonsai pot be too big?

Can a Bonsai pot be too big

Yes, sometimes a pot can be too big for a Bonsai tree. When you are about to start a new Bonsai project, the ideal pot for you to use is a shallow pot so that you can have complete control over how the root of your tree grows right from its early stage.

However, as your tree matures, it will benefit from replacing the shallow pots with bigger ones because your tree at this stage will require more nutrients, and the bigger the root, the more the ability of your tree to tap nutrients from the soil. 

Here’s where the whole situation gets a little tricky: if your Bonsai pot is too big, its root will have enough space to grow, and when this happens, it may lead to an unpleasant outcome.

Consequently, to avoid this ugly situation and also ensure that your tree is comfortable, it is highly recommended that you use a pot that is big enough to accommodate the root system of your tree but in a controlled state: the root system must be subjected to root pruning. 

How big is too big for a Bonsai? 

A normal-sized Bonsai pot should be 2/3 of the overall height of the tree in size. And If the width of the tree is longer than the height, the pot length should be around 2/3 the width of the reach of the tree. Any pot size beyond this can be considered too big for your Bonsai tree. 

What size pot for a Bonsai

The general rule is that for a pot to be considered ideal for a Bonsai tree, the depth of the pot must be the same as the diameter of the tree trunk right above the soil level.

If the shape of the pot is rectangular or oval, the pot length should be about 2/3 of the tree’s reach or height. The pot diameter should be about 1/3 of the tree’s height if the pot is round in shape. 

Can pots be too big for a plant? 

Yes, a pot can be too big for a plant. The growth rate of plant differ from one to the other: some grow pretty fast while some grow very slowly. This, to a large degree, influences the decision on which type of pot to use.

If your tree is a fast grower, it means its root will also grow very fast, and therefore, you need to use a pot that will accommodate the growth of such a tree: in this case, a big pot.  

When you plant a slow-growing plant in a large container, the soil will be able to retain enough water, which may cause your plant to suffer from root rot. Also, the root of your tree will be unable to tap enough nutrients from the soil. 

Do Bonsai need a big pot? 

Yes, Bonsai need a big pot. At the early stage of your Bonsai, it is best to plant your Bonsai tree in a shallow pot to help you keep its growth in check.

But as they mature, especially when the Bonsai is a fast grower, it will be equally beneficial if you can repot them into a much bigger pot that will hold their rapid growth. This will enable your plant to have smooth and healthy growth. 

Should I repot my Bonsai tree? 

Yes, you should repot your Bonsai tree. Repotting is one of the essential care requirements that must be given to your Bonsai tree if you want them stay healthy. There are lots of benefits your plant tends to gain when you repot them as the situation may be: it will help to regulate the growth of their root, it helps to prevent the soil from becoming too constricted, and it also helps to restore the nutrients in the soil.

These are a few reasons why you have to consider repotting your Bonsai. If you would like to know the right time to repot, the appropriate time is when you notice that the roots are already circling the root system. 

Should I put my Bonsai in a bigger pot? 

Yes, it would help if you put your Bonsai in a bigger pot. Surprisingly, the decision of whether you need to change your pot is not entirely left to you. Your plant will let you know when they need to be repotted and what the size of their new pot should be. 

Some Bonsai species, like the Junipers, get bigger year after year, which means they require a bigger pot to support their rapid growth. If you plant these types of trees in a small pot, they will not grow as they are supposed to. And if absolute is not taken, you may end up killing them. 

Why do Bonsai need a shallow pot? 

The main reason why Bonsai need a shallow pot, especially when they are still very young, is to be able to curtail their growth from an early stage. No doubt, Bonsai trees are stunted trees, but the truth is these trees are stunted because instead of leaving nature to determine their fate, we do that by providing them with everything they must have been provided naturally by nature.

This helps us to control them and grow them to our desired height hence stunted growth. One of the several techniques used to keep the growth of a Bonsai tree small is by planting them in a shallow container. 

Do Bonsai need a special pot? 

Yes, Bonsai need a special pot. A bonsai tree is different from other forms of houseplants; hence, they need to be planted in special pots designed for Bonsai trees. Bonsai pots are designed with materials that will enhance the growth and overall health of your Bonsai tree.

These pots, unlike regular pots, can absorb enough water needed for your plant to survive and also dispel excess liquid that could be harmful to your plant. 

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