Is wind bad for bonsai

Bonsai plants are so much cute. Once you fall in love with bonsai plants, you do every possible thing to take good care of them. All the time you’re thinking about how you can improve the health of your bonsai plants and how you can protect it from any damage.

We get this common question from all over the world that, can wind hurt bonsai trees? What is the impact of wind on the health of bonsai trees?

In this article, we will tell you how wind affects your bonsai plant and whether if it’s safe for your plant or not.

Is wind dangerous for bonsai plants

Yes, wind can be dangerous for your bonsai plant and can inflict a lot of damage to it.

We all know that bonsai plants take years of hard work, time, and energy. It truly takes a lot of effort to grow a perfect bonsai plant.

There are many ways through which wind can damage your entire bonsai plant. We’ll take a look at all of them.

Why is wind bad for bonsai plants

Wind can destroy your bonsai plant in a matter of seconds.

Here are all the reasons why wind can be dangerous and bad for your bonsai plants:

1. Wind can damage the branches of the bonsai plant

Bonsai plants are extremely smaller in size. Due to this exact reason, bonsai plants are very sensitive as well.

Especially their branches are quite thin and sensitive.

A strong gust of wind can snap the branches of the bonsai plant and destroy your hard work within seconds.

2. Wind can break the pot of bonsai plants

Since the bonsai pots are smaller in size, they are placed in small pots as well.

Bonsai plants and their pots are lightweight and that’s why they can be affected by wind.

A strong blow of wind can throw away the entire bonsai pot and break it. This will also destroy your bonsai plant.

3. Wind can blow out the bonsai plant from its pot

Bonsai plants are the mini version of fully grown plants. They are lightweight and sensitive.

A powerful gust of wind can blow out the bonsai plant from its pot and destroy it. The plant can be completely uprooted or snapped from the top.

These were some instances that how wind can ruin your bonsai plant within seconds.

Therefore, the solution is to take precautionary measures for protecting your plant from the wind. Why? because taking timely action is better than regretting later.

How to protect bonsai plants from wind

Protect your bonsai from wind and snow

In the above examples, we learned how winds can destroy your bonsai plants.

Now it’s time to talk about all the proactive steps that you can take for protecting your bonsai plants from severe wind damage.

Here is what you should do:

1. Position your bonsai plant at the correct place

The most important thing you can do is to strategically place your bonsai plants at such spots that are safe from the intense wind.

For doing this, you will have to carefully analyze your garden. Try to find out that from which direction does the most dangerous wind comes into your garden. Is it from the eastern, western, southern, or northern side?

Once you have figured out which side is vulnerable to wind and which side is safe from winds, you’ll be easily able to place your bonsai plant at a spot that is safe from intense winds.

2. Track your weather

The second most important thing is situational awareness. You need to regularly track your local weather so that you are aware of what’s going to happen.

When you’ll know that there are chances of strong winds today then you can take proactive steps to secure your plants before the wind arrives.

This can be very helpful for protecting the bonsai plants from wind.

3. Get a greenhouse

There are a lot of amazing mini-greenhouses available in the market that are specifically designed for providing a safe and secure environment to your plant where it can grow smoothly.

If the winds in your area are extremely strong and occur frequently, then you can also get a mini-greenhouse for your bonsai plants.

It will cover your bonsai plants from all sides and save them from any damage caused by wind. Greenhouses let the sunlight come in and you can also open the covers for allowing smooth airflow and ventilation.

4. Put the plant in a container

If you don’t have a budget for a greenhouse then don’t worry because there are other solutions as well.

You can also place your bonsai plant inside any plastic, metallic, or wooden container where it can get proper sunlight and air.

The container will also protect the plant against winds.

5. Wire the pot of your bonsai plant

Another effective way to protect your bonsai plant from winds is to provide it some external support.

You can wire the pot of your bonsai plant. It will firmly anchor the pot into the ground and prevent it from blowing away with the wind.

These days, many bonsai pots have specially designated holes for wiring the pot and anchoring it strongly.

Therefore, this method can help you protect your bonsai plant from winds as well.

6. Secure the bonsai trees on windy days

You’ll have to take care of your bonsai trees as your family.

Another useful tip is to keep yourself updated with the weather. If you’re experiencing strong winds or you know that wind is predicted for today, then you can simply remove the bonsai trees from the benches and move them to a secure place.

Many people don’t do that because of laziness. However, we’ve seen a lot of them paying a huge price in the form of losing their beautiful bonsai plant along with all of their time, energy, money, and hard work invested in the plant.

7. Watering before the wind

Watering the bonsai plants before the wind can also make the pot heavier and it may not blow away with the wind.

It can also be helpful so you can give it a try.


Wind can damage your bonsai plant at any time.

What you can do is follow our safety guidelines and protect your bonsai plant from the cruel gust of winds.

It will not only help you protect your bonsai plant but also save your years of hard work, time, energy, and money invested in the bonsai plant.

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