Is Bonsai cut paste necessary? 

Pruning is an essential care requirement that must be practiced on all Bonsai trees to control their growth. However, even though pruning is important, it can also sabotage the health of a Bonsai tree if a scar is left on them during the process. One of the ways Bonsai keepers ensure that their tree recovers promptly from scarring is by applying Bonsai cut paste.

Ordinarily, Bonsai cut paste should be an indispensable tool to all Bonsai growers; nevertheless, some believe it is a discretionary tool. This has led to people debating on questions like, is Bonsai cut paste necessary?. If you also find this question interesting, this article is for you as it contains exhaustive information about Bonsai cut paste.

What is Bonsai cut paste?

What Is Bonsai Cut Paste And Cut Putty

Bonsai cut paste is a thick Bonsai sealant made from clay, used for preventing sap from bleeding as well as sealing cuts.

What is Bonsai cut paste made of? 

Bonsai cut paste is made essentially of clay.

is bonsai cut paste compulsory?

Yes, Bonsai cut paste is necessary. As a Bonsai grower, Bonsai cut paste is one of the tools you should have in handy in your Bonsai toolbox. In case of accidental cuts or after pruning, applying a Bonsai cut paste to your tree will help speed up its recovery time. Bonsai cut paste will also help in the post-healing process of your tree.

Benefits of Bonsai cut paste 

  1. It helps the tree heal faster
  2. It helps to control the form and looks of the scar tissue after healing.

How to make a cut paste for Bonsai

  1. Make a clay dough by mixing 2 parts of flour, 1/2 part of salt, a tbs. of mineral oil, and 2 parts of water.
  2. Stir thoroughly in a bowl until all the ingredients perfectly blend and form a mixture of dough-like consistency.
  3. Leave it to settle for a few days.
  4. Work your mixtures several more times to make them lump-free and give them a more dough-like consistency.
  5. Add mineral oil to the resulting dough to dilute it into a paste-like consistency.
  6. Apply as you normally do for a commercial cut paste  

How to apply Bonsai cut paste 

Bonsai cut paste is very easy to use.

Apply the paste to the cut and spread it out using your finger with firm pressure so that it can cover the wound and seal it.

Bonsai cut paste alternative 

If you don’t have Bonsai cut paste at hand, or you can’t afford them (although they are usually very cheap), you can use any Olive oil, Beewax, electricians putty, vaseline, milking fat, or wood glue as alternatives.

Can you cut Bonsai root? 

Yes, you can cut the root of a Bonsai tree: the process is known as root pruning. Cutting the root of a Bonsai tree will help control the growth of its root, so it doesn’t outgrow its planting pot.

However, the rate of root pruning differs from tree to tree because not all species have a fast-growing root system. While some may not require to be root pruned more than once a year, you may be required to root prune some species at least twice a year to keep their tap root system in check.

When to cut tap root for Bonsai

If your Bonsai tree is cultivated by seed or cutting, it is ready for root pruning when you notice that the thickness of the stem of your tree has the same consistency as wood or if you discover that some leaves are growing on the top of the tree.

Cut the tap root from the shoot down, cutting about 1/3 or a quarter of the tap root. This will prevent smaller roots from sprouting from the tap root branches.

What happens when you don’t trim a Bonsai tree? 

Pruning is done on Bonsai trees for two major purposes, to give them form and to keep them in shape. Therefore, if you fail to prune your Bonsai tree, it will have no shape or form.

Should I use the cut paste on Bonsai? 

Yes, you should apply the paste to Bonsai trees. When you prune your Bonsai tree, although it may seem like you are doing what’s necessary, you are hurting your tree. The spots left open after pruning is like wounds. And as you already know, wounds lead to discomfort.

Hence, the best way you can mitigate the pain (even though you may not realize it) of your tree is by applying a cut paste to the spot where a cut is made. This will help your tree to heal faster and also impact the form of the scar that might be left behind.

Best Bonsai cut paste 

There are lots of Bonsai cut pastes in the market, and choosing from the best for your Bonsai tree can be a little bit challenging. Listed below are the top 5 most popular Bonsai cut paste brands around the world to help with your decision-making.

  1. Kiyonal Bonsai cut paste
  2. Cutpaster Bonsai cut paste (Glay)
  3. Cutpaster Bonsai cut paste (Brown)
  4. Kiyonal Bonsai cut paste (Value bulk set)
  5. Kikuwa Bonsai cut paste (best for wounds or cut on the bark)

Where to cut Bonsai branches 

Cut broken or crossed branches from the spot where they stretch beyond the tree trunk using scissors or a branch cutter.

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