Is eucalyptus good for bonsai

Many people in the world who don’t have deep knowledge about trees and plants tend to think that bonsai is a species of plant and is only of a single type. Well, the reality is quite different as both these assumptions are completely wrong. You can get a clear idea by the fact that the word “Bonsai” came from the Japanese language which directly translated to the meaning as “planted in a container”. This thing shows you that various kinds of plants and trees can be grown as bonsai.

Nowadays, bonsai can be found in almost all households as it has the ability to give a feel and look of a realistic nature in the form of a single tree. People grow one or combinations of various plants as bonsai to enhance their room decoration according to their tastes. As there are various options, you may ask a question, is eucalyptus good for bonsai?

Can you bonsai eucalyptus tree?

Eucalyptus Bonsai (Update 1)

Eucalyptus trees can be found in major parts of the world but are specially cultivated in subtropical and dry tropical regions. They are popular among people as they can grow in a rapid manner even if the soil is not of great quality. This is the reason that eucalyptus is one of the first trees that come into the mind while thinking of a bonsai.

Well, you can definitely bonsai a eucalyptus tree as most of its wide range of varieties are best suitable to be cultivated as bonsai. There are a few things that need to be taken care of and pruning, well-drained soil, watering effectively, and re-potting the plant when necessary, are most prominent.

Providing your bonsai eucalyptus tree with balanced sunlight on a regular basis that too for a minimum of 6 hours a day is highly recommended. Ignoring this factor can ruin all your hard work even if you were fulfilling all other requirements for its growth.

Can I bonsai a rainbow eucalyptus?

There is no doubt that rainbow eucalyptus has amazing colors contrasting with attractive patterns that can enhance the beauty of not just the area where they are planted but the whole natural experience as well.

Because of their beauty and attractive look, people think of this tree to be used as bonsai and there is miscellaneous news.  If you are going to use them in an open area while having large size bonsai in mind, they will never disappoint. On the other hand, they may not work out well if you are thinking of cultivating them in a small restricted area.

Many people have the assumption that the bark of rainbow eucalyptus trees has varying colors that give it a rainbow effect but the reality is that the bark of eucalyptus is extremely thin which breaks down and starts revealing the inside wood of the tree. This is the part that gives actual rainbow colors.

Can you grow a rainbow eucalyptus tree indoors?

There is an undeniable reality that rainbow eucalyptus trees can grow extremely large and sometimes can go even beyond the 200 feet mark. Some people think that due to this reason, rainbow eucalyptus cannot be grown indoors but this is a partially wrong assumption.

Rainbow eucalyptus is a not-so-good choice for indoors or small area bonsai but there are other reasons behind this factor. Rainbow eucalyptus is not able to cultivate and grow in cold areas especially if the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius.

So, you should only grow a rainbow eucalyptus tree indoors if you live in a cold area and they cannot thrive in an outdoor environment. You may put them back outside during the summer, only if you want. Another thing that may interrupt is sunlight as the rainbow eucalyptus bonsai tree will not grow indoors if direct sunlight is not able to reach the plant. 

Is rainbow eucalyptus poisonous?

According to a research report released by the North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension, all kinds of eucalyptus have minor to major levels of toxicity in it. The bark and leaves of such plants have a high level of toxicity which is classified as poisonous by various experts.

How to make a eucalyptus bonsai?

How to make an Australian Eucalyptus Bonsai
  1. Buy or remove eucalyptus plants from the mud attached to them. You can take the soil out of the plant using chopsticks or tweezers so that its roots can be seen properly.
  2. Now cut an inch of roots from the bottom to bring the natural underneath wood that will attract water and minerals from the soil more easily.
  3. Remove all the unwanted twigs and leaves from the plant especially if they are causing issues in placing the plant perfectly.
  4. Make gravel in the pot for better drainage of water and moisture from the soil.
  5. Make a mixture of charcoal, low nitrogen fertilizer, and bonsai mix, and place the plant’s root inside this soil mixture.
  6. Make sure that the plant is in the right position and if it’s not, tie the plant with strings.
  7. After submerging the roots completely in the soil, put some water in the amount that can make the soil moistened but not too wet.
  8. Place the eucalyptus bonsai plant in soft sunlight during the morning for a couple of hours, on a regular basis.

Eucalyptus bonsai from seed

  • Sow the seeds into a pot, tray, or cell filled with bonsai mix and charcoal. The best time for sowing seeds is from February to March or about 3 months before the last frost.
  • Add a little amount of vermiculite (natural mineral, best for seed germination) around the seeds.
  • Add the necessary amount of water directly to the seed area. It should provide good moisture to the soil without keeping it wet for the whole day.
  • The germination of the seed process will take about 14 to 21 days at a temperature of about 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.
  • Position and shape the bonsai tree according to your desire by tying strings and wires.
  • Sunlight is more than important for the growth and cultivation of the plant to become a strong bonsai tree.

Where to buy Eucalyptus seeds

No doubt, a nearby nursery is one of the best places to buy eucalyptus seeds as they will have the best suitable eucalyptus types according to the climate in your region.

Online shopping is probably the best option as there you can find a wide range of varieties at competitive prices.

Some of the best platforms for buying eucalyptus seeds online include AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, or some other specific platforms for buying plant seeds online.

Best eucalyptus for bonsai?

There are various varieties of eucalyptus for bonsai but some work best to be used as bonsai while only a few can bring desired results if grown indoors. Below is a brief introduction to some of the best suitable eucalyptus to be grown as bonsai.

Silver dollar eucalyptus bonsai

On social media sites and decoration websites, silver dollar eucalyptus bonsai has 4.5+ ratings in terms of its beauty, easy maintenance, and compatibility with changing climates.

They can bring good results if grown indoors as they can easily grow tall up to 3 feet while covering an area of about 6 to 12 inches.

Rainbow eucalyptus bonsai

When it comes to charm and attraction, no other eucalyptus bonsai can beat rainbow eucalyptus bonsai. It can easily grow to the size of 2 to 4 feet while covering a normal width. They are really good if grown inside but can look flawless in an outdoor environment as well.

Lemon eucalyptus bonsai

Lemon eucalyptus is a combination of simplicity and charm. It can grow tall even more than the height of a normal person. As this is a large-sized tree, providing it with enough sunlight for a minimum of 5 hours a day is essential.

Bonsai eucalyptus gunnii

Eucalyptus gunnii is one of the best and most suitable forms of this tree category to be used as bonsai in homes and yards.

They are basically native to the Australian state, Tasmania, but are also cultivated in major parts of Europe, especially in its western regions.

One of the best things about eucalyptus gunnii is that it is one of the best species in terms of surviving in extremely cold temperatures.

Eucalyptus pauciflora bonsai

This is a bonsai that looks just like a tree from an old jungle movie series. They give a classy view because of their unique pattern and eye-catching beauty.

One thing is for sure that they require a bit of extra care during the initial stage as you may need to shape them with strings.

Eucalyptus bonsai care

Care practices for a eucalyptus bonsai are not that hard as it only requires a few basic things that are almost common while growing any kind of tree or plant.

Eucalyptus bonsai soil

Eucalyptus bonsai grows in a quick manner. This factor requires soil with low nitrogen. Also, watering should be done in an appropriate amount.

The pH value of solid for eucalyptus bonsai soils should be around 5 to 6. Too much humidity can have bad effects on the plant’s roots. This is the reason that having a proper soil drainage system is necessary. 

Eucalyptus bonsai pruning

Pruning should be done on a periodic basis, not only for its strength and better growth but to keep it in shape and appropriate size as well. Never prune shoots when they are fresh or soft as they will tend to die.

Eucalyptus bonsai cost

The cost of buying and growing eucalyptus bonsai may vary depending on its various types. Where seed of some eucalyptus bonsai can be bought for just $0.025, some may go as high as $29 for just 4 bunches. 

Eucalyptus Bonsai TypeSeed / BunchesPrice Range
Eucalyptus Grandis200 Seeds$5 – $10
Eucalyptus Greens1 to 19 Bunches$28 – $29
Eucalyptus Greens20 to 50 Bunches$30 – $40

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