Why are bonsai scissors so expensive

If you are a complete beginner in the field of bonsai cultivation then keep in mind that you may have to spend some big chunk of money. The reason is that some bonsai plants and tools required for their maintenance aren’t cheap at all.

One example is the expensive bonsai scissors. People often get shocked when they purchasing bonsai scissors and hear the bonsai scissors price.

Is bonsai scissor worth it

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What is so special about them? Is it worth buying most expensive bonsai scissors such as sasuke bonsai scissors? We get these questions from bonsai plant lovers all across the world.

Yes! Bonsai scissors worth it. This article will educate you about why bonsai scissors are expensive and the comparison between regular scissors and bonsai scissors. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start it right now.

Why bonsai scissors are not cheap

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Bonsai scissors are probably one of the most expensive scissors in the world.

Their price ranges from $1000 to $35,000. It’s huge, isn’t it?

Here are all the reasons why the bonsai scissors are so much expensive:

1. Bonsai scissors are handmade

Handmade scissors are more expensive than machine-made scissors.

The reason is very clear.

Machine-made scissors are easy to make because it’s just a machine that is doing most of the work. The machine doesn’t get tired physically or mentally. Its job is just to work, work, and work.

Bonsai scissors are handmade. It means that all the work is physically done by a human. Thus, it takes tons of effort, time, energy, and skills to make a perfect bonsai scissor with hand.

Since the whole manufacturing process of bonsai scissors requires a lot of planning, talent, and hard work, therefore, the price of bonsai scissors is also more.

This is one of the many reasons why bonsai scissors are so expensive.

2. Manufacturing bonsai scissors is time-consuming

The second reason why bonsai scissors are so expensive is the huge amount of time required for their production.

Bonsai scissors aren’t made in a few hours or one or two days.

The artisans have to work 10 hours daily for a whole week to make one perfect pair of bonsai scissors.

When someone will put this time, effort, and skills into the making of bonsai scissors, they are surely going to charge you a lot for the hard work they have done.

3. Bonsai scissors are made with high-quality material

The third reason why bonsai scissors are so much expensive is the use of high-quality material.

Bonsai scissors aren’t made from some random, ordinary, and cheap material.

Instead, the artisans use the best possible material for manufacturing every single part of bonsai scissors.

Now it’s easy for us to understand that when we will use outstanding quality material in something, then its price will automatically increase as well.


Because the high-quality material costs more than ordinary material.

4. Making bonsai scissors require great skills and expertise

Making a perfect pair of bonsai scissors is an art. It can only be done by those who are masters of this profession and have great skills and expertise.

Not every tom, dick, and harry out there can make bonsai scissors.

The artisans use centuries-old talent and skills for making the perfect bonsai scissors. Currently, there are very few genuine artisans left who can craft a perfect pair of bonsai scissors.

Since it takes special skills and talent to make bonsai scissors, that is why they are so expensive and cost you a lot.

5. Bonsai scissors have a very long life

Bonsai scissors are very different from ordinary scissors.

The use of premium quality material and the unique talent, skills, and hard work of the artisans are what make bonsai scissors the best.

They are extremely durable and reliable. Bonsai scissors often come with a lifetime guarantee and have a very long life.

This is another reason why bonsai scissors are so expensive.

Regular scissors vs bonsai scissors

Multiple factors make bonsai scissors different from regular scissors. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. Bonsai scissors have better accuracy

Since bonsai plants are extremely small, you need to be very careful and accurate while trimming them.

Bonsai scissors are specially designed for bonsai plants to give a more accurate performance.

This will help you better trim and maintain your bonsai plants.

2. Bonsai scissors have a good design and clean finishing

Bonsai scissors also look great in appearance as compared to regular scissors.

They have a better design that is attractive and they also feature a clean finishing.

All this makes the bonsai scissors aesthetically attractive as well.

3. Bonsai scissors are more comfortable to use

Regular scissors have a poor grip which makes them uncomfortable to use. You often end up getting bruises on your hand.

Bonsai scissors have a wide grip that is much more comfortable. You will feel it is easier to work with.

Just apply a little bit of force and the plant will cut easily. That’s why bonsai scissors are more smooth than ordinary scissors.

What is the price of bonsai scissors

Bonsai scissors are available in different price categories and different qualities such as standard and luxury, etc.

Their prices start from as low as $20 and go up to $35,000.

If you want a standard one then it’ll cost you less and if you want the best one in the world then it can cost you up to $35,000.

Now it depends on you and your budget that’ll decide which one you want to choose.

Should I buy expensive or cheap bonsai scissors?

The answer is simple.

If you are low on budget and just want to continue your hobby of bonsai plants somehow, then you can get the cheaper one. You’ll get a few features but it will do the primary job for you which is the maintenance of bonsai plants.

If you got a lot of money in your pocket then you can choose the expensive ones. They are more reliable, comfortable, and have a longer life. Their cool design will also give some amazing aesthetical vibes.

Therefore, the choice is yours.

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That’s all for today, folks!

We hope that you got answers to all the questions about bonsai scissors in your mind.

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