Is bonsai a good gift

There are a lot of occasions and events where we need to give our loved ones the most appropriate things. Some people love to give you classic pieces while others like technology. This thing usually differs from person to person as their likes and interests change dramatically. When it comes to beauty, charm, and attraction, you cannot ignore the elegance of a bonsai but the actual question is: is bonsai a good gift?

Well, there is no doubt that the small size along with the refreshing nature of bonsai can make the day of any person in the world but still, we should consider each aspect before moving forward and making a final decision.

Is a bonsai tree a good gift?

A bonsai tree could definitely be a fantastic and amazing gift, not because of its charm and elegance but because they are meaningful as well. Bonsai include a whole experience of a big tree or sometimes the whole part of the jungle, in a single small-size container.

By giving a bonsai tree as a gift to your loved ones, you can show them the affection as giving bonsai itself is a source of conveying your beautiful emotions. 

Bonsai is also considered as one of the best gifts for a person who lives in a small-sized or restricted area. Having a bonsai will allow him to enjoy the charm of an outdoor environment even if they cannot cultivate a garden at your home.

Why do people send bonsai trees as a gift?

Bonsai trees can be presented as gifts on anniversaries, birthdays, a new year, and any other special occasions. There are various authentic reasons that show how good bonsai can be proved as a gift and why you should give bonsai as a gift.

  • Clothes, watches, cakes, and all other such things can be torn or broken after some time but bonsai can live for a relatively long time.
  • It is one of the best decorative pieces and can easily enhance the beauty of the part wherever it is placed.
  • It is more than easy to take care of and maintain a bonsai even if the recipient doesn’t have any deep knowledge about bonsai and their behavior.
  • A person can customize and modify the way a bonsai looks while adding new things. This factor makes bonsai one of the few gifts that can be changed according to the recipient’s desires.
  • Bring the natural feel and greenery directly inside your house within a small container.
  • They are versatile and can be placed in any part of the house whether it is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even the stairs.

Giving a bonsai tree as a gift will bring good luck?

Bonsai trees are often considered lucky by most people around the world. There are various regions where it is believed that getting a bonsai as a gift can increase your fortune and luck too many folds.

Some people also believe that having a money tree as bonsai can increase your wealth and can bring a smile to your face whenever you are tired or depressed.

While such beliefs are popular in major parts of the world, a small portion also suggests not to keep some bonsai trees at your home as they may cause sickness and slow growth of wealth in the house. Do keep this fact in mind that if you get a gift from your loved ones, it is good luck no matter what it is.

Which bonsai is best as gifts?

One of the very first things to be considered while choosing a bonsai gift for someone is that it should be a variety that can be kept indoors and can easily be maintained as well. Now the second most important thing is their beauty, charm, and perfection.

There should be a keen detail in the bonsai from the look of the container to the placement of moss and stones in it. Some of the best bonsai trees that can be the best gift for any kind of person on any type of occasion include:

Jade Bonsai:

Jade bonsai has a great ability to store water inside its body which makes it one of the best gift options. Its choice can become even more valid if you are going to present it to a person who forgets to water the plant very often.

Chinese Elm:

Chinese elm bonsai can be placed indoors and outdoors without requiring a great amount of care and maintenance. Apart from this, if you are on a budget, Chinese elm could be a good option as it is fairly inexpensive.

Ficus Bonsai:

This could be a great choice if the receiver of bonsai gifts does not have much information about bonsai and how they are taken care of. They look amazing and can live for a relatively long time with minimum maintenance.

Money Tree:

A money tree bonsai is one of the only few bonsai that covers all the aspects of a good bonsai while ticking all its checks. Apart from this, its name alone can bring a smile to the face of many people.

Who should I gift a bonsai tree?

A bonsai tree can be given to any person in the world regardless of your relationship with them. The only thing that may change with the type of relationship is the variety of bonsai trees being presented as a gift. 

You can gift bonsai trees to your friends, parents, kids, relatives, boss, or any other person but below is the list of bonsai types and their best suitable receivers.

Bonsai TreeReceiver
Ivy Bonsai TreeFriends
Ficus Bonsai TreeLover, friends, family. (It symbolizes love, care, affection, and trust.)
Chinese ElmRelatives or friends who are starting a new chapter of life.
Fukien BonsaiFor people who need strength, support, and have a good heart.
Jade Bonsai TreeTo your boss, colleague, or employees.

How to gift wrap a bonsai tree?

All you need is to protect the bonsai pot in case it is going to travel a lot in a box. The best way is to cover the pot and the soil with lamination paper in too many folds.

Lamination paper should be wrapped around the trunk of the bonsai tree and all parts of the pot, especially its bottom.

Tie it with strings and place it in the delivery box. This process will protect the pot from breaking due to road hurdles while keeping the soil and other things in place.

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